Breaking Down The Tesla Solar Roof

Telsa Solar Shingles
Breaking Down The Tesla Solar Roof

The Solar Roof by Tesla is finally making its way into the homes of the consumers. Ever since the reveal of this product about two years ago, people have been wondering whether the Solar Roof is actually a worthy investment.  

In this article, we aim to weigh all the pros and cons of the Tesla’s Solar Roof tiles, in order to determine whether it is worth all the hype.  

Do note, however, that the Tesla Solar Roof’s production is quite limited. Moreover, the prices happen to be quite high. All in all, the design is great. However, the price is what sets most people back.  

What is the Solar Roof?  

Compared to a regular roof, Solar Roof is made up of tiles with solar panels installed onto them. In other words, Tesla’s Solar Roof consists of tiles that have solar tiles embedded directly in the shingles.  

With that, the Solar Roof is not a separate unit. Rather, it is your roof itself with specialized tiles. 

So is the Solar Roof by Tesla worth all the money after all?  

In order to determine whether the Solar Roof is worth all the heavy costs or not, let us consider the pros first.  

What’s Good?

Firstly, it’s hard to deny that the Tesla’s Solar Roof comes in a very slick design, some would say downright amazing compared to the large solar panels used on most house.

These smaller tiles are designed to give a view that is same as the traditional roofs. So in case you take a look at a Solar Roof by Tesla, you will not be able to distinguish it from a traditional rooftop.

There are four different tile designs that you can choose from, each available in smooth glass, slate, textured, and Tuscan finishes.  

According to Tesla, the tiles of the Solar Roof happen to be three times more durable as compared to the traditional rooftops. In case this is true, your investment is certainly worth it.  

Perhaps the best thing about the Solar Roof is that it comes with some generous warranty i.e. a warranty of 30 years for weatherization and power.  

What’s ‘Meh’?

Now, let us consider the cons. Considering the high price of the solar roof, many people consider building a traditional roof with solar panels array a more worthwhile investment. This is because a Tesla Solar Roof requires that you replace your existing roof, which, for obvious reasons, can be very inconvenient for the homeowner.  

For many people in less sunny locales, this roof may provide only a low marginal return for the investment. Over the life of the warranty, homeowners may not be able to generate enough electricity in areas such as Texas. In hotter regions such as this, the air conditioners may run for 300 days a year or more. All in all, the return would be low.  

In areas such as California where the energy costs are significantly higher, the Solar Roof may help in building some decent savings.  

Wrapping Up

All in all, the Tesla’s Solar Roof may be a worthy investment only if your electricity usage is not very high. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a hole.  

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