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Steel is one of the most commonly used alloy made from pure iron and other elements. One of the most heavily used material in huge construction sites, steel has its use in every aspect of construction. Having said that, steel was not commonly used in residential construction but this has changed – during the last 3 – 4 decades, we have seen steel making inroads in residential construction as well. Making steel is no doubt a costly and energy hungry process. What makes it still viable is the fact that most of the steel we use today is actually recycled. *Cool Fact* Steel is the most recycled thing on the planet. Well, keeping that in mind, it is undoubtedly the greenest construction material available today.

Converted Reflective Cool Roof

If you’ve spent any time in the Raleigh-Durham area in summer, you know plenty well how hot and muggy it can get, and while it may get uncomfortable at times – just think of the temperature on the top of your charcoal-colored asphalt roof.  If you want to get an idea of how hot it can get up there, venture up into the attic area around 2:00 PM on a sunny summer day.  Temperatures here can exceed 160 degrees F at it’s hottest, and these temperatures can easily leak into the living areas of your home, making your AC work harder and longer. So if you’re looking to save money on utility costs, it makes sense to look for ways to reduce the heat load

Contractor Repairing Roof Leak With Sealant

A roof leak is one of those home repair items that need to be fixed as soon as possible.  In other words, a quick, imperfect solution is sometimes your best option, at least in the near term until a longer, more permanent term solution can be applied. In the case of asphalt shingle leaks, roof sealants can be this great temporary solution.

Roof Sealant Isn’t A Permanent Solution

When you use sealant, you’re buying yourself some extra time. Your sealant should stop the leaks for a few months or so. During that time, you should start talking to local roof repair companies. See what it will cost to get your leak taken care of. So before you head out to the closest Home Depot for

Recycle Your Old Shingles

How Roofing Companies Recycle Asphalt Shingles And Ways You Can Help…

Did you know that it is possible to recycle asphalt shingles instead of having them sent to a landfill? Most people know that old roofing materials tend to end up at the dump, and will subsequently be sent to the nearest major landfill for disposal. Instead of doing this, many enterprising individuals decided to create a recycling service where the asphalt can be recycled instead of simply buried. So today, let’s discuss how this works, and also how you, as a consumer or business owner, can help in recycling asphalt shingles to save money and help protect the environment.

How Are Asphalt Shingles Recycled?

Although there could be many other uses for this material, the most popular

Flat Roof Drainage

Flat roofs are not places where water automatically sloughs off just from the force of gravity and the architecture of the structure in question. So, this is in stark contrast to pitched roofs, dormer roofs, gabled, roofs, hip roofs, and gambrial roofs, which are all common and where gravity and design takes care of things. A flat roof without an appropriate answer or system for draining is going to collect water when it gets wet. That means that if you do not deal with optimizing water flow, and possibly snow melt depending on where you live, then you are going to have problems down the road. Poor drainage is an issue for any roof, but it’s especially bad for flat roofs.

Debris Removal

The first

Attic Ventilation

As a property owner, properly ventilating your attic is not usually something that ranks high on the list of concerns, however the attic or otherwise open spaces between the roof and the inside of your home plays and important role in regulating the humidity, temperature and overall energy efficiency in your home. Lets’ find our more in this week’s article on why you should add proper attic ventilation in your home as a great way to save money.

Benefits During Hot Weather

During the warmer months of the year, it is quite obvious that the benefit of a well-ventilated attic is to regulate a low attic temperature.  In addition to keeping the temperature in the attic low, you will be decreasing the property’s overall cooling

Water Damaged Wood

To many homeowners it feels as if Mother Nature is waging an all-out war on your home, and in some ways she is.  Using rain, snow, wind, and pests to wear on a home’s roof, windows and siding, over time, these forces can create weaknesses at these barrier points, allowing water to leak inside.  Once introduced, water can quickly deteriorate the wood structure of a home and if left unattended, the end result is always the same:  expensive repairs and loss of equity.  While this seems scary, fear not:  its well within our powers to win the war against the elements. Today, in this article, we’ll give you the knowledge you’ll need on how to identify and repair water damage in your home as

Beautiful Tile Roofing in Italy

Tile as a form of roofing goes back a long time in human history.  Made directly from the clay and earth in the ground and baked to form tile, roofing tiles trace back it’s roots some 10,000 years or more to dwellings in Asia and the Middle East.  This fire resistant material is a remarkably durable and can well outlast it’s occupants in dryer climates. Nowadays tile roofs continue to be a popular option for residential properties, but rather than the simple red terracotta or baked-clay options, there are so many more possibilities available for customers to choose from.  Many of the original benefits of tile have been accentuated with material improvements and manufacturing advances. So today we wanted to take a look at many of the

Roof Inspection

We may be biased, but here at TRI Roofing, we like to think that a good roof meets or beats any other home improvement project out there in terms of value.   According to a recent survey on home improvement, a new roof is estimated to return nearly 80% to the price of the home, and consistently ranks high in the reseller list of improvement items. It’s no secret why a good roof can add so much value to a house:  it IS the single most important barrier to the elements for your home.   It’s no exaggeration that over time a quality roof can literally save you thousands of dollars of unneeded repairs from an unexpected roof leak, and that’s why a good

TPO Roofing

Ask any commercial roofing contractor what their preferred roofing substrate it and you’re bound to get consistently high marks for TPO Roofing.  Otherwise known as Thermoplastic polyolefin, TPO is a single ply type of roofing substrate and is considered the “new kid” to the market even though it’s been widely available for the last 20 years.  Recently, as more and more companies are going green, TPO has been gaining market share thanks to its reputation as a sun-reflecting roofing style. Here at TRI Roofing we’ve noticed a significant upward trend in the number of calls for TPO in the last 5 years from business and homes with low pitch or flat roofs.  Thanks in part not only to its green reputation, but also to its

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