How To Prepare Your Roof For Spring

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How To Prepare Your Roof For Spring

Winter is gone and spring is here already. During winters, no matter how hard we try, the weather does impact the roofing on one way or the other. So, it is important to prepare for the next weather. In this article, we will talk about things you should do after the winter and keep you roofs fit for the Spring. These tips are simple and almost everyone can do it. So, without any further ado, let’s get down to business.

Clear The Roof and Gutters

During winter, items like leaves, sticks, pine-needles, plant matter and small branches can easily accumulate on the roof and block the gutters. It is not easy to clean the roof during winter but it is essential to do that before the start of the spring. The block gutters can easily prevent the water flow and it can start pooling up, which in turn, can cause leakages. Cleaning the roof is easy and doesn’t require too much time either. However, we recommend our readers to always wear protective gears like gloves and glasses while cleaning the roof. As some of these items are pointed and sharp and may hurt you.

Check For Roof Damage

This is really important as some damage to your roof might be hidden. While you assess the roof damage make sure you use binoculars and check for irregularities from ground level. Check for cracks, damaged tiles, etc. Also, check for ventilation ducts. These are some of the most overlooked places when checking for roof faults. Check if caulking materials or weatherstrip have worn out.

Check For Attic Holes

From the inside of your house, check for holes. Remember that water flows downhill, so keep your focus on the edges of the roof’s peaks. Leaks are often not visible to our eyes, so we have to look for the signs. If there is a damp spot on your roof (can be inside or outside), it’s an indication of a leak and you might have to consult a professional to resolve this. We advise our readers to do the inspection during the daytime as sunlight can make leaks, and other abnormalities in roof easier to spot.

Show urgency

Springs come with showers so, as soon as you spot a fault in your roof, make sure to go for the repairs ASAP. The missing tile, damaged flashing, or buckling shingle you have discovered during the inspection should not be taken lightly. Remember that often small problems with the roofing lead to a bigger problem. It is also important to understand that not every roof problem can be addressed by DIY style. You will be able to handle some repairs while for others you may have to seek professional help.

Wrapping up:

To keep your roof in top health, it all boils down to how vigilant and careful you are. With some knowledge, common sense and no procrastination, you can keep your roof away from faults and enjoy every season as you should.

Got more tips? Feel free to tell us in comments below.

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