Do I Really Need A New Roof?

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Do I Really Need A New Roof?

As in most things in life, there’s a huge gap between want and need.

Over the years in the roofing business, we’ve seen plenty of homeowners looking to replace a roof that has a good 10-15 years left on it serviceability, on the other hand we’ve seen plenty more that have put it off to the point where it has damaged the underlying structure to the home.

And many times, a home’s just needs a few repairs.

So how can you tell when you need to reroof your home or your roof just need repairs? Here are some signs showing your home needs a reroofing service and not just roof repairs:

Worn Out Shingles

When the shingles of your roof look visibly worn out, then there is a need for reroofing. Look at your roof and notice if there are still colored granules on the shingles. Even if the shingles are still there, the reflective granules that help with temperature control may not. 

The shingles can still effectively keep moisture out but without the reflective granules, your home heats up and that could also increase your air conditioning cost. Additionally, exposure of the asphalt underneath will result in cracking and drying out. When this happens, your roof would be more at risk for leaks. 

Curled And Cupped Shingles

This is an obvious site and it will look like your shingles are flaking off. When this isn’t remedied, moisture brought by the wind can easily go underneath the raised shingles. The moisture can seep through your roof deck causing it to rot or have leaks. 

Crack Shingles

Cracked shingles may not be obvious from afar and might need a closer inspection to discover it. The cracks on the shingles allow a way for moisture to go to the roof deck. This also increases the risk of leaks. 

Your Roof Has Multiple Leaks

Although we focused mostly on the shingles on the above 3 signs, the roof is not only limited to the shingles. It is a structure composed of various parts like the flashing, vent stack boots, deck paper, moisture barrier, and many other components. 

As your roof ages, it is common to observe some of the components to fail. This can manifest as multiple leaks in your roof. In this case, reroofing your roof is the best solution to prevent further damage not only to your roof but to your whole home. 

Major Damage On Roof

The roof protects against various weather conditions and due to all of that, it can also get damaged. Have a roof repair and replacement professional asses your roof for damage. If there is major damage to it or if it needs a lot of repairs, then you may be better off replacing the whole roof. This is especially true if your roof has already lasted for 10 or more years. 

Roof repairs may be computed per square feet and it can be more expensive than having the whole thing replaced because it takes more time to do. They’d have to figure out which shingles to replace and what other components to repair. Replacing the entire roof is simpler to do. Plus, you might want to change from using shingles to metal roofing for better durability.

Your Roof Looks Bad

Another reason to get a new roof is for aesthetic reasons. If you are selling your home, you want it to look it’s best to be more attractive to potential buyers. Cleaning it up can be done but sometimes stains are very difficult to remove and don’t really look good.

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