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Water Damaged Wood

Preventing and Fixing Water Damage

To many homeowners it feels as if Mother Nature is waging an all-out war on your home, and in some ways she is.  Using rain, snow, wind, and pests to wear on a home’s roof, windows and siding, over time, [...]

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Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection – What You Need to Know

We may be biased, but here at TRI Roofing, we like to think that a good roof meets or beats any other home improvement project out there in terms of value.   According to a recent survey on home improvement, a [...]

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We've got a leaking roof

Locating a Roof Leak

So an odd colored ring or spot suddenly and mysteriously shows up on your ceiling, you’re thinking to yourself “hey, maybe it’s just some condensation from the cold weather we’ve been having”.  Sorry pal, chances are good you’ve got a [...]

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DIY Roof Repair Main

DIY Roofing Repairs

According to Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer Association, nearly 80% of all homes in the United States have asphalt shingles on their roof.  Needless to say – that’s a bunch of homes.  As roofers, we prefer asphalt shingles because of their straight [...]

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